Welcome to Samurai

Samurai AI is a unique copywriting tool enabling anyone to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. Simply approve the contract before usage, followed by entering your text prompt for completion. Once you're satisfied with the prompt, click on Generate Text.

A cost of 200 xHNR will be automatically taken from your wallet without confirmation and a completed text of around 400 characters long will be returned. If you wish to generate another text, you must approve the contract again to refresh the allowance that the contract is able to automatically charge you.

Samurai AI can be used by...


Increase the quality of your content

Leverage the power of AI to produce high quality, refined content and forget about content ideation.

Automate content creation

Generate high quality copy for your needs and delegate the creative process to Samurai AI.

Make content writing & ideation faster

Streamline and scale content production by leveraging the power of AI & focus on what really matters.

Create content swiftly

Expand your audience

Grow your email lists

Complete your thesis

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